Whoops! The Apocalypse.

It’s possible that, for people with lives who don’t spend all weekend on the internet, they fired up their computers today and wondered what all the fuss was about. Why is everyone saying I Will Always Love You. Oh. Oh!

Or, like about a year ago I went into a meeting and when I got back to my desk, Egypt had been liberated.

I find it fascinating. Like how someone could have had a perfectly pleasant camping trip in early/mid-September 2001 and emerged from the woods to find out that the world had changed.

This is assuming the hikers are smart and well prepared, which, if they're taken by surprise by the apocalypse, they probably aren't.

Technology is really ruining the good story ideas

So that’s what I’d love to read and maybe it already exists. Some story about a nice group of people who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail and, while they’re in there and out of touch, the apocalypse happens.

But is this revelation act 1 or act 3? Do the stunned hikers walk out of woods and spend the rest of the movie/novel/play trying to cope with this brave new world? Or is the entire bit some Dinner With Andre-type conversation piece with a bizarre twist at the end?

I’d read either version though bonus points if someone winds up eaten by a bear.


Writing Sucks

Why can't you just read my mind?

Good for jamming into eyeballs

The act of writing sucks.

Not coming up with ideas. Or doing research, fleshing out characters, thinking up outlines, developing themes. That’s the best part.

But transcribing all the fun stuff in your head and making it come out right on the page? Actually sitting down and scribbling/pounding away on the keyboard? The feeling that it’s not quite living up to the vision in your head?

Effin sucks.

(In other news, I’ve been doing this more, which we’ll just say is the reason for my radio silence on the blog, m’kay?)