Twin Freaks

Since the story I’m working on is all about small towns and secrets, what better show to watch for research and inspiration than Twin Peaks? Two days ago I’d never seen a frame of it. As of now I’ve finished the first season. Got big plans for the long weekend. I probably won’t leave the house.

It’s got the expected spread of Characters but the standouts and, it seems like, the most unusual, is the Competent Weirdo. Agent Cooper is one. And actually, ditzy Lucy is another one.

Agent Cooper is introduced leaving this rambling and seeming inconsequential dictation while he drives. It’s mostly about trees and pie. It seems like he’s going to be some arrogant outsider who bursts into this small town and disrupts everything. But he winds up loving the place. He fits right in. And, he’s AWESOME.

The other thing is, he’s not a jerk about it. He’s as intuitive as Sherlock Holmes or House (same thing, same thing) but he just waves people off when they’re impressed. He’s goofy and affable. It seems like cheating a little that he gets a lot of his clues from his dreams instead of straight intuition but he still does pick up on body language and physical hints too.

Lucy is awesome too. She’s supposed to be funny and strange and a little stupid but then she’ll write down the incriminating things the idiot kids are saying or she’ll notice background clues in a phone call. I like that she’s complex, and not just one note or a punchline.

AND a style icon!

And stellar doughnut organizer too

I also appreciate that she seems to be the only girl in Twin Peaks who isn’t evil, insane, or involved with a REALLY horrible guy. (Seriously girls, DUMP THEM.)

Most of the characters are pretty well-rounded (crummy boyfriends aside) but these two are my favorites and a trend I’d like to see more of. It’s definitely an inspiring show.


4 thoughts on “Twin Freaks

  1. I recall liking this show when it was on, and enjoying its wrap-up and resolution in The Movie, but I find I cannot remember many specifics about it anymore. Perhaps it’s worth revisiting.

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