The Form

One of the things I struggle with is deciding how to write a story and I don’t mean what pen to use. (Actually, I do give that a lot of thought too.) Often times I start working on a screenplay and think, “maybe I should be writing this as a novel.” Or vice versa. Or a play.¬†Because with the technology we have now, anything’s possible on stage.

Spiderman, Spiderman.

Ok, maybe not just ANYTHING...

But freaks of nature aside, it’s a tough call. Currently, I’ve got a novel, a screenplay, and a stage play in the works. (My definition of “in the works” is, it’s in my head and I keep saying to myself “I should write that someday.”) I think it mostly boils down to how many explosions and how much sex you want. If you want a lot of sex that’s not just a rustling bedsheet and lingerings shots of tertiary sex characteristics (ooo… abs) you write a novel (or go into porn). If you want explosions, you write a screenplay. If you want neither sex or explosions (or ticket sales) you write a play. Done.

For ME, what it comes down to is what I have the energy for. I find prose more rewarding than screenplays, which can feel like transcription, but that’s only when it’s done well. The right turn of phrase just feels good, but that takes a lot of work.

And then I realize that my conception, my brilliant idea, my earth-shattering brain fart works best as a Tweet and I give up for the night.


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