Immortal Lovers

The problem with movies about separated lovers is they’re not long enough to make the anguish really palpable.

Also I'm not convinced they were in love to begin with but that's a completely different post

Atonement: Blah blah, just say the C-word again

So what I want is a short film about a guy working in an office, pushing paper, nothing special (except he works for some tech company that’s had some major breakthrough in medicine that extends your life but whatever, it’s super boring). He’ll go through a routine, chugging coffee, filing, riding the subway, getting groceries, normal stuff. But then he sees her, right there between the lemons and the oranges. And she sees him, and they run together for a passionate kiss.

And then it all happens again and again, faster and faster, over and over, forever.

Or maybe it goes back in time, throughout history, and shows how they’ve been doing this forever.

Writing this I realize I don’t know the reason what is keeping them apart. The point though, is the focus on the time apart, really stretching it out and making the longing the star of the show. I’d watch it.


7 thoughts on “Immortal Lovers

  1. Joe and Beth, my friends who are in a long-term, long distance relationship, essentially do this on a bi-monthly basis. I guess that’s what you get for living on separate coasts.

  2. Two ideas immediately jump out at me:
    1) They’re having an affair, they’re afraid of being watched, so any moment they get, even if it’s a quick kiss between the produce.
    2) They’re toxic for each other. The love-hate relationship that you’re addicted to, but can’t seem to get out of, that brings out the best, and worst, of you.

    It’s tough because this assumes a certain “grayness” to the characters involved (which includes almost ever character for almost every story I’ve ever written), but, hell, I love characters that are able to survive on multiple dimensions and make you give a shit when something happens to them.

    • Or both. I like it. It’s not fun if they’re both saints and there’s no ambiguity or darkness. My first instinct was, of course, to go for gay and in the closet.

      I heaven’t read it yet but The Taste of a Man by Slavenka Drakulić, I think, fits scenario number 2. They’re not separated but toxic, if that’s something you’re interested in reading. I’ve got it on my Goodreads To Read list. I’ve heard it’s excellent.

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