The Concept

I think blogs should have a theme, even if it’s a tenuous one, so here it is. The blog is a digitized version of my poor abandoned moleskine.

omg so empty...

I am a form worshiper. I will cling to dead-tree books until Amazon tells me I can’t anymore. I buy pretty pens but don’t use them so they never run out (don’t leave me!) and I love my moleskine. It’s so pretty! I’m not worthy to fill it in with my weird-ass story ideas and half-thoughts I don’t have it in me to commit to paper.

I’m not advertising a crap-fest here. Just that sometimes I feel that committing something to paper lessens the magic. That’s my own fault, of not being able to express myself clearly enough, so that’s the journey too. So I’ll share some things I’m thinking about, little story ideas, and maybe you’ll get inspired and write your own thing, that will probably be better. (Share them with me, unless they’re better, then I don’t want to know.)

Also, just like my moleskine usually winds up carrying shopping lists and phone numbers, I will veer off-topic and talk about books or movies for a while. Fair warning.



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